I met Coolie Ranx tonight

As I’ve blogged about, tonight was one of the few Pilfers reunion shows. I would rate it as awesome. Not only did I get to see five Ska bands for 15 dollars, but I got to see a band I’ve wanted to see and been unable to for years. And on top of that, I got to meet the lead singer and tell him he was awesome.

I signed up for their mailing list, bought a tee shirt, and had both of their albums before I had even met him. He could tell I was excited, and as I shook his hand after the show, he only said one thing to me: “Tell a friend.” I thought I’d do one better and tell multiple friends via the magic of the Internet.

The Pilfers are what most people would consider a ska band, but as you listen to their music, you can hear elements of not only Jazz and Reggae, but of Rock, Metal and more traditional music. The story is they are called the “pilfers” because they steal elements of almost every genre of music and blend it together. They do this well, and don’t disappoint live, even after a seven-year hiatus.

The other distinctive element of the band is that their lyrics have a positive quality that I would mostly expect to find in Disney movies, however, they blend it into their pilfered musc quite well. They have songs about being yourself, being fearless, and overcoming obstacles that as I describe them, I cannot help but feel lame. For some reason, it works in their music and it gives them an edge that other bands can’t compare to. As someone who’s tried to write a song once or twice, it’s much easier to write a cool depressing song than a cool happy songs, and the Pilfers pull it off flawlessly. I think that is what truly makes them distinct among their peers.

So, Coolie, I’ve held up my end of the bargain. I shook your hand and said I’d tell a friend, and I wouldn’t have even talked to you in the first place if I didn’t think your music was great. So, my loyal readers, I expect you to ask me to borrow a CD in the near future.

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