I recently brought all of my old yearbooks back from my parents house. Throughout my reminiscing, I’m realizing that yearbook messages can sometimes have a lot of insight into the future. Who knew the kid everyone called a “homo” in 7th grade would actually be gay (and president of his college’s GSA)? Who knew the guy who said “remember to always lie, cheat, and steal” would borrow several months of rent money from a friend, never pay it back and then flee partway across the country never to be heard from again? Nostradamus couldn’t predict that shit!

Also, sometimes the yearbook messages are hilariously inane. Therefore I’m going to start tweeting a random yearbook message every day until I run out of interesting ones! Check it out at

Hopefully 10 years from now I can look pack at my tweets and blog posts and say “Man, I was really into irony.” Let me write about this in future-twitter.

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