What’s next? 1

I didn’t post yesterday and for that I am sorry. I spent most of the day at work perfecting the phone upgrade and then was present at one of the more ridiculous and fun birthday parties I’ve been to.

All of the big projects of the last few months are past. I’m no longer worrying about baseball, the election, or the phone upgrade. What’s next?

Impov classes start on January 13th. Maybe that will provide some more interesting tidbits to add here, but we won’t know for a couple months. I guess now it’s the holiday season. I haven’t yet heard any Christmas music, but someone in South Boston was arrested for playing some already.

I think the point of this post is that I’m about halfway into this blog once a day every day business, and maybe I’m running out of ideas. It may or may not be related to the completion of these projects, but I’m probably just hitting a brief dry spell. I plan to be back for real tomorrow with something interesting to talk about. For now, I am off to sex and drugs trivia!

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One thought on “What’s next?

  • Ladyrock13

    Arrested for some jingley Santa songs? I better be careful, I’ve been singing Easter hymns all day. Loudly too.